SEO Pressor ReviewAt the end of this story I talk about and review the new SEO Pressor version 5 WordPress plugin and how it can help make life so much easier, but first let me share a story about how my blogs have been going.  This is an honest and open reveal for me so please take the time to read it all as there are likely some useful gems of information you can takeaway from this for yourself.

A couple of years ago, I got my hands on this nifty plugin called SEO Pressor that basically took the guesswork out of on-page optimization (if you don’t know what that is yet, please leave a comment and I’ll get you up to speed on why it’s so important and how to do it properly).

This plugin drastically reduced the time it took me to create my blog posts.  You see, I learned how to do it manually from various courses I had taken but actually doing it was as tedious as pulling feathers off a chicken.  You miss a few here and there, and your roast just won’t taste right…

So anyway, some of the elements of on-site optimization include keyword use, meta tags, and even how you use external links and images.  One of the big things was actually counting all the times I used a keyword and dividing that by the total words in the post to come up with a ratio called keyword density.  This proved to be tedious and a waste of time, I soon learned.

You see, I’m a big believer in costing my time and then figuring out if the stuff I am doing can actually be done cheaper.  Well, this 15 minute process for each blog post, and article was costing me big time considering the amount of content I produce in a year.

So when I found this SEO Pressor plugin that basically looked over my shoulder and told me what I had to do to “fix” my content, it was a no-brainer to pay the 90 bucks or so for a license to cover all my sites (you can get a single site license for $47 but why bother).

All of a sudden I was coasting through my content publishing and even using my WordPress platform to export optimized articles to other sites like Ezinearticles and Traffic Geyser.  I was on fire!

Then in October of 2012, something funny happened.  My optimized sites dropped from Page 1 to the oblivions of page 4 and beyond.  Yikes!

After licking my wounds (of my bruised ego) and realizing that the steady flow of free leads and cash into my bank account was drying up like a shallow creek in the desert, I had to take action quickly.

I started doing some research and educating myself even more on the whims of Google, I soon learned that a couple things were missing from these sites:

1. Social signals – I hadn’t really spent much time getting my blogs shared and commented on social sites.  Google has now made this a factor in the search results based on the premise that if peeps are sharing stuff, it must be good and therefore deserves to be at the top spots.

2. Freshness – I have to admit that ranking in the top 10 results for most, if not all of my sites, based purely on on-site SEO, made me a bit lazy.  I became complacent and used to reaping the rewards of high-ranking sites.  I didn’t spend much time on off-site SEO and I didn’t make sure I kept adding new content – because I didn’t seem to have to.  I learned that was a BIG Mistake!

The result was Google decided some of these blogs were “old news” and pushed them down in favour of sites with new, fresh stuff and a constant stream of content.  This is why the wave of curated content is so popular these days – think Mashable and Huffington Post, for example.   So lesson learned here; even if you’re sitting at the top of rankings, don’t sit still because everyone else is still working to get there….I’ll talk more about curated content some other time because this is getting long…

Despite these weaknesses, my onsite optimization kept my sites at least somewhere find-able, but I had to make some changes.

Just so you know, when it comes to SEO and search engine results, a change you make today can take up to 3 months to have an impact.  Here are a few of the things I’ve done so far:

1. For some of my blogs I switched the regular blog commenting function in WordPress off in favor of the Facebook Comments plugin.  That way people can comment and share right into Facebook.  Social proof? check.  Shares? check.  Backlinks? check.  I only did it for some because of the effort involved and I want to test the results – I’m just weird like that.

2. I use video as much as I can.  For some reason, people share video more than text articles. I have no proof of this theory but YouTube is the number 2 search engine right now and that’s a good enough indicator for me.

3. I’ve done a few tweaks on my blogs to bring in live content feeds from other sites.  While this is not curated content per se, my belief is that it will count as the fresh stuff I was lacking before.

4. For off-page stuff, I started getting more backlinks to the sites linking in to my blogs.  I have no results to show for this yet as I started last week but I am looking forward to seeing if it makes an impact.  The logic is that if the sites referring to my blog have sites referring to them, they are given more authority in the eyes of Google and then by relation, my blog gets more authority…

Which brings me to the whole point of this story.  I didn’t realize this at the time but that little plugin I purchased a couple of years ago has lifetime updates.  The next update will include an automatic check of social signals and recommend action to improve it.

—– SEO Pressor review —–

The SEOPressor plugin will also create links between all your related content and make suggestions for related keywords so your content is richer and findable for more search terms.

It will also be compatible with that Rich Text that people use on their blogs that makes them appealing on the Google search results pages.  You’ve seen those sites that have stars and stuff that draw your eye….

Also, SEOPressor have added an OVER-Optimization check that warns you if you are over doing it with your use of keywords.  You know this is not good and most people call it keyword stuffing or playing the system. (like if I wrote SEO Pressor review in every paragraph…annoying!)

Basically, the key is to make your content a pleasure to read and not over do it.  But having the automatic checks and suggestions just makes it that much easier to make it just right – like mother bear’s porridge in the Goldilocks story.

Anyway, I really think that if you are blogging, this is SEO Pressor WP Plugin is really worth the investment.  Go check out their very informative page and get it right away, then when version 5 comes out in a few days, all you’ll have to do is click the little “update plugin” link right from inside your wordpress blogs and boom, you are set!

Here’s the link to the plugin site :

My SEO Pressor review : Value rating: ★★★★★


Happy blogging!



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It’s not getting any easier for non-profits. The current economic climate, the increasing competition for donor dollars, the decreased public funding, and overal donor fatigue, are all combined to create very trying times for groups who rely on donations and private funding to operate.

Consumers are being sollicited incessantly. Volunteerism is decreasing. And there is no shortage of worthy causes.

So what are these organizations to do to raise funds? How many gala evenings? How many spaghetti dinners and silent auctions? How many bake sales and yard sales? How many bottle drives and car washes?

These traditional fundraisers are time and labour intensive and the payoff is limited.  Especially considering how many other competing events there are by other organizations as well.

The Need for an Easy Fundraising System

We decided it would be much more effective to teach non-profit groups how to fundraise strategically.  Groupe Synergos is prooud to introduce our Easy Fundraising System where you will learn how to quickly and efficient put together a targeted campaign and generate a significant influx of cash in your organization for a fraction of the effort.

We are focused primarily on small organizations who normally turn to traditional fundraising events like the ones mentioned above.

If you are the person responsible for fundraising for your sports team, scout troop, or other not for profit organization and you would like to know more about our Easy Fundraising System, simply fill in the contact form below for our FREE Report and we’ll be in touch to explain how it all works!

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We are pleased to support the efforts in the fight to eradicate blood cancers by contributing to the F1 Contest.  For our part, we are offering some very practical, valuable and sought after prizes in an ingenious contest to spread the word about the cause.  Watch the video below to see the details of the prizes.

CLICK HERE to enter the F1 contest and do your part to eradicate blood cancers.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky winner of our services…

The TNT F1 Contest is made possible using the Contest Burner WordPress Platform. We are in the process of reviewing this product.  In the meantime, you can learn more about Contest Burner here (this is a Groupe Synergos affiliate link). Our detailed review, will be published at the conclusion of the F1 Contest.

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In a recent McKinsey Quarterly article about how to improve productivity, 3 key elements were discussed.  They were to Focus, to Filter, and to Forget.  While this article was geared toward corporate executives, there are many takeaways that apply to small and home-based business owners.  We will review some of them from this perspective.

The article refers to a 2006 study where participants who multi-tasked, and as a result, took up to 30 percent longer and made twice as many errors as those who completed the same tasks in sequence.  This is because our brains can’t successfully tell us to perform two actions concurrently. When we switch tasks, our brains must cognitively turn off from the old task, and then turn on  for the new one.  This takes time. Our brains are thus required to set up to do the task at hand  much like we set up a machine in a factory.   Set up time is just like down time – the end result is reduced output.  Now imagine continually switching tasks and all the time it takes to set up between them.  The first tip how to improve productivity is to make sure tasks are done sequentially, not concurrently.

How to Improve Productivity – Focus

Focusing on the task at hand is a key component when it comes to how to improve productivity.  It requires a discipline to eliminate all distractions and a desire to stay concentrated on the activity that needs to be done.  For small business owners this can be a great challenge with so many issues and problems to address and a reality that the business owner is more often than not, the prime resource to address them.  A tip how to improve productivity is to divide your day into chunks, or boxes of time that are reserved for certain activities.  This is called time boxing.  By time boxing, you not only develop a habit but you also educate those around you of your routine.  For example, if your email and voice mail advise those trying to reach you that you will be returning your calls between 3 and 5 pm, then they won’t try to reach you by other means if you don’t answer or call them back right away.

How to Improve Productivity – Filter

A particular challenge how to improve productivity is to manage the volume of information we are exposed to.  Small business owners need to be able to filter information so that the most important or urgent is easily discernible from all the rest.  Email filters work extremely well in this regard and should be used all the time.   Some small business owners may wish to delegate the management of their email to an employee or virtual assistant as well.  The key here is to establish the work rules and then adjust them until the desired level of filtering is reached.  This can be particularly effective when combined with delegating responsibility to handle some of the tasks or issues that arise.

How to Improve Productivity – Forget

This leads into the last component we will discuss on how to improve productivity, which is probably the most important, and at the same time, the most difficult for solo-preneurs.  That is that you have to be able to let go.  Delegating will undoubtedly increase your productivity but you have to accept to relinquish some control.  This is a hard habit to develop if you like being in the know all the time and want to have a say in every single decision.  As business picks up, it becomes harder and harder to do and the “boss” becomes the bottleneck.  It is best to develop the habit of delegating early on.  The other aspect of this is obviously to make sure you put your business aside when you have to.  Many solo-preneurs decide to go into business for themselves because thay desire to have more freedom, only to discover that they are “working” all the time.  This is actually counterproductive.  Turning off from work actually helps recharge, change perspective, and make people more productive when they turn back on.  So get in the habit of doing physical activity during your day, or reading a novel, or playing with your kids after dinner instead of reading emails.  You will actially get more done anyway…

More resources on how to improve productivity

If you found this article useful, we invite you to view the FREE recording of our Get More Done mini-class at this link.  It is an hour and twenty minutes full of tips and strategies to teach you how to improve productivity.

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Learning Time Management SkillsIt has become ever more apparent to me how time, or rather, a lack thereof is a pre-occupation for so many people, and this is why we have developed a training series dedicated to learning time management skills.

This time management course is not like anything currently available because it addresses particular needs that have been ignored until now.

What makes

“Practical Learning Time Management Skills” Different?

You see, we have come to the realization that although there is an obvious need to educate people on matters related to managing time, solution providers are missing the boat on 2 key realities, and these are :

  1. if someone is searching for solutions for learning time management skills, they are probably already pressed for time in the first place and so will likely not be able to set aside large chunks of their most precious commodity to go through long lectures or read copious amounts of material before actually putting the time management course content into practice. It seems kind of like a catch-22 doesn’t it? Well, not really because we have found the winning formula.
  2. not everyone is the same.  People have different personality types and different challenges when it comes to self-management. They learn differently and are motivated by different sources.  While some tools will work for some, they may not work for others.  A cookie-cutter, one size fits all, approach to learning time management skills is not a realistic solution. Learning time management skills has to take individual uniqueness into consideration for it to be a sustainable life change.

Groupe Synergos provides a course that can be consumed in much smaller segments and at the students own pace. Each segment covers specific topics related to learning time management skills and at the end of each, there are practical exercises to put to use immediately.   In addition, we have developed our tools and segments to “speak” to the challenges and needs of very specific personality profiles. This unique approach to learning time management skills and then applying them helps our students to benefit much more rapidly by seeing immediate and progressive results of the incremental changes they make and also improve their long term retention and sustainability because of the “see it – do it” training cycle. Our Practical Learning Time Management Skills e-course is a $497 value and will be offered at an introductory price of $297 for a select group of students in exchange for an after-course review and follow-up interview a few months later to validate the effectiveness of the time management course material and approach. If you are interested in being considered for this inaugural class of the Practical Learning Time Management Skills e-course, simply complete the form below.

saved in Practical Learning Time Management Skills e-course v1-1.

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In this short clip, our friend George is asked if he can help in marketing for nail salons.

After explaining what he does, poor George is unsure what he just agreed to…

What do you think?

If you would like help getting your business found, contact us TODAY.

For more information on how Groupe Synergos can show you how to market small business online, and claim your FREE consultation, simply provide your contact information below and we’ll call you back within 24 hours!

Oh, and just so we’re clear – we don’t limit ourselves to marketing for nail salons!

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With the phenomenal growth of social media, it was just a matter of time before people would start to ask if there was a market to offer social media marketing services.

social media marketing services

A recent McKinsey & Company report provides a very good indication of what the answer to that question is.

“A new class of company is emerging—one that uses collaborative Web 2.0 technologies intensively to connect the internal efforts of employees and to extend the organization’s reach to customers, partners, and suppliers… [The] networked enterprises are not only more likely to be market leaders or to be gaining market share but also use management practices that lead to margins higher than those of companies using the Web in more limited ways.”

This report implies that companies can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the use of social media.

As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that these companies will want to do it right  - and do it fast!

The demand for experts in Web 2.0 technologies will therefore increase substantially as more and more companies realize the benefits of social media and make the decision to leverage it.

However, this is a multidimensional undertaking.  The networked enterprise will use social technologies both internally and externally for efficiency gains but also for social media marketing.  Consequently, firms specializing in social media marketing services will be ideally suited to fill this need.

The problem is that social media marketing can be a very time consuming and labor intensive undertaking.  Providers of social media marketing services must be positioned to leverage technologies to the greatest extent.

Answering The Need for

Social Media Marketing Services

One way to quickly tap into this market for social media marketing services is to set up a consulting business, but this comes with some challenges:

  • Start up costs
  • Establishing credibility with prospective customers
  • Proving Processes, Tools, and Systems

So what are the options?  Starting from scratch and building a business from the ground up, or buying into an established business model.

The first scenario of setting up a social media marketing services firm has it’s obvious drawbacks and risks so we won’t get into them here.  Suffice to say that this option will require a significant investment of time, money and resources to overcome the aforementioned challenges.  As a result, there is a risk of missing out on the leading edge of demand, which can become, in an of itself, a competitive advantage.

The second option can be a costly one depending on the choices made but can also be accomplished rather reasonably with a business-in-a-box approach.  One such solution offers a complete package including tools, systems for automation, training, business forms and templates, and even support services.  All at a reasonable price of less than $3000, and backed by an established company.

The Best Way to Provide Social Media Marketing Services

Compared to the cost of purchasing a consulting franchise or building a business from the ground up, this alternative to setting up social media marketing services company offers a cost advantage but more importantly, the advantages of speed and credibility.

For more information on this social media marketing services business-in-a-box, we invite you to watch the promotional videos here, but be advised that this edition is only available until midnight December 18th, 2010.

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This is certainly a one-of-a-kind Social Media Marketing Machines Bonus

We know you will not find a bonus like ours anywhere for purchasing Social Media Marketing Machines.  Groupe Synergos Inc. has really come up with something unique here – and it will certainly appeal to a lot of people.  Watch the video to find out why we are so sure we will make a huge impact with this bonus.

Click here to purchase Social Media Marketing Machines and also help fight Blood Cancer!


So you see, we have decided to donate 100% of our affiliate commissions of Social Media Marketing Machines to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

That means that  if you purchase Social Media Marketing Machines through Groupe Synergos’ affiliate link, not only will you be learning how to become a Social Media Marketing consultant (and save a whole lot of time through process automation),  but you will also get to do a really good thing by indirectly supporting blood cancer research and families currently fighting this disease.

In the US today, about every 30 minutes somebody is diagnosed with blood cancer AND every hour, someone dies!

Now is your chance to make a significant contribution to finding a cure.  Purchase Social Media Marketing Machines Now!

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I Can Guarantee That This is Not your Typical Social Media Marketing Machines ReviewSocial Media Marketing Machines

Well, I guess we should start this by clarifying a few things for you and first stating that Social Media Marketing Machines IS NOT Main Street Marketing Machines version 2.0.  Anyone who tells you otherwise in their review is flat out mistaken!

Secondly, if you are browsing the web for reviews about Social Media Marketing Machines – BEWARE.  There cannot be any extensive reviews because nobody has seen under the hood of Social Media Marketing Machines except for the folks at Traffic Geyser who developed the program and the beta testers from MSMM who helped develop and validate the systems.  So, if you find reviews saying this is great and that really works, ant the other thing is just incredible – be wary, these “reviewers” probably know as much about Social Media Marketing Machines as you do!

Okay, so what makes us and this review any different, you ask?

Well, we are internet marketing consultants and we have been using the MSMM BizBox system for the past year.  We are extremely familiar with what Traffic Geyser can do and with the systems and tools that came with Main Street Marketing Machines.  We can therefore attest to the quality of the products this company produces and also for their ability to over-deliver.

As a matter of fact, we designed this review as a focal point to which we are driving traffic using the very techniques we learned from MSMM and apply with our customers.  So if you saw a video, or a read an article, or a social media post, a podcast, or even a bookmark, that led you back to here, you just witnessed firsthand what Traffic Geyser can do for you – and it is worthwhile to note that you will receive a one-year subscription to TG with the purchase of Social Media Marketing Machines (SMMM).

We also used some of the video production techniques and tools that came with the course to showcase the Traffic Geyser level of quality.  If you didn’t already know, video is a very effective media to use in Social Networks because it helps humanize the interaction and is much more readily consumed.  So let’s get to the meat of this thing, shall we?

Here is the link for the videos that explain what Social Media Marketing Machines is.  You will be required to opt-in to see them but they are worth watching.  I personally enjoyed Mike’s Magic Trick in the second video the most…Go check them out now.

If you haven’t seen our Q&A videos, you can access them all via our Facebook Fan Page – and check out the nifty way we embedded commentable YouTube videos directly onto our Fan Page.  That is a super social media congruence tactic you can use yourself right away…These videos will answer the most common questions people are asking as well as others some may be afraid to ask.  We recently took the time to get the answers direct from Traffic Geyser management so you won’t find them anywhere else…So go watch the videos now and you will be much more informed to make your decision whether or not to buy Social media Marketing Machines.

Oh, and I almost forgot! What is our one of-a-kind bonus for Social Media Marketing Machines?  Find out right here what we’re doing with this product launch that is sure to inspire and amaze you….

Well, I certainly hope you enjoyed this Social Media Marketing Review and Un-Bonus as much as we are enjoying putting it together for you.  Please go ahead and comment below if you have any questions you would like answered and I do hope that we could count on your support!

Social Media Marketing Machines Charity SupportEvery dollar counts, so if you don’t intend on purchasing Social Media Marketing Machines, you can still help by clicking the big red button on the right and making a secure donation!

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“How to market small business online?” – This is a very common question that many business owners ask themselves but unfortunately, they either don’t get around to asking someone who is qualified to answer correctly or they assume it gets answered when they have a web developer put together their website.

How to market small business online – the usual story

Here is a typical scenario we come across way too often:

  • Business owner pays for local phone listing and yellow pages listing
  • Business owner has a web developer put together a website for them – this is usually a really slick looking site that has fancy flash graphics and an appealing layout.

But here is the reality -

  • The Return on Investment (ROI) on the phone and yellow pages listings is rarely measured, and is simply considered a cost of doing business.
  • Web site traffic is not monitored and the site is not optimized to attract customers to your business.
  • There is no way of knowing if your site is actually resulting in qualified leads or leading to sales.

How to market small business online – the simple truth

Let’s face it, business owners are not expected to know how to market small business online. You are too busy running your business! That’s completely normal.

The last thing you want to have to worry about is all the technical stuff of site optimization, keyword selection, competition, lead generation and opt-in techniques, hosting, auto-responders, and all that jazz.

What you need is peace of mind that somebody is taking care of it for you and a way to know it works so you know you are getting your money’s worth through measurable results!

No, what you need to help you how to market small business online is…

how to market small business online

With our proven system, we can help you -

  • Automatically generate qualified leads for your business
  • Optimize your web presence and virtual sphere of influence to reach the appropriate audience
  • Ensure your Return on Investment (ROI) for your marketing/advertising dollar
  • Achieve sustainable and measured results that you can control

For more information on how Groupe Synergos can help you market your small business online, simply provide your contact information below and we’ll call you back within 24 hours!

Article title : How to Market Small Business Online

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